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About Us

Verified CBD Oil is a premium manufacturer of CBD oil products. By using state of the art technology and staying true to the highest standards in production, we have started pursuing a goal – to make the best, purest, and highest quality Cannabidiol products. Our facilities follow all the regulatory directives, and on top of that, we strictly follow GMP (Good manufacturing practices) guidelines for food production.

Our vision and mission

We believe cannabis is not the introductory drug, as it’s been called many times. All the strains and cultures of cannabinoid plants have been grown by people of different cultures many centuries ago, and are used for their medicinal properties to this day.

By staying on the cutting edge of technology, and keeping track of the most recent trends in medicinal studies, we are always looking for new ways to develop the best practice in Cannabidiol oil production and make a natural alternative for many widespread conditions which people suffer from today.

We are all about making a great hemp product for the modern-day men and women to use, without the adverse effects. Our products aren’t addictive, they don’t have a negative impact on overall health (if used as instructed), and they are 100% natural!

One of our goals is to educate the public about common misconceptions and stereotypes which all things related to cannabis, through real experience. We also strive to make our products affordable so that everyone can purchase them, and see for themselves what kind of relief they offer. Check out the our articles in our blog for more info!


Cannabis is a naturally occuring herb. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications offered to patients are synthetically produced, their production pollutes heavily and the overall effect they have on the body is also somewhat toxic, with all the unwanted side-effects.

We make our products without damaging the ozone layer, or using poisonous chemicals to improve flavour. Our products are simple to use, and they are biodegradable.